The Industrial Revolution 2.0 is something we take a tremendous amount of pride in at Rogue. Our mission early on was as much philosophical as it was anything else. Since day one, we have worked to source locally whenever possible. Over the past few decades, many of our local communities have lost their factories and places where men and women took pride in what they made every day. Many of these communities have been left with empty Main streets and crisis of various sorts. With every product we have worked to source parts and materials in the following order of priority:

Local-Columbus, OH
United States
North America

When reading about any product on the Rogue site, we encourage you to look for the “Made in the USA” logo and “Made in the USA” references in the Gear Specs to determine if it’s an American-made item.

We strongly believe that manufacturing creates an ecosystem that is unlike simply a service economy. Workers that earn a fair wage in turn have the ability to purchase more goods within that same ecosystem, bringing orders back into factories and sustaining the cycle. When we started Rogue in a garage, we really had no idea just how far we could go. The investment has always been in great people and new equipment.

Bill Henniger started Rogue in his garage
Rogue leased its first warehouse facility in Columbus, OH
Rogue began manufacturing metal gymnastic rings
Set a goal to have a 500 person team
Hit goal of having a 500 person team
Rogue purchased 30 acres and built a $50 million headquarters and campus
Rogue consumed 26 million pounds of steel, 14 million feet of welding wire & 130 thousand pounds of powder coat at our Columbus, Ohio manufacturing factory
Rogue purchases US-based manufacturers OSO Barbell Collars and Reflex Fitness
Rogue hits 600 team members
Rogue owns 43 acres of land and buildings in Columbus, Ohio

These basic principles are what we’re talking about when we use the words, “Industrial Revolution 2.0.” It’s not some grand, abstract concept. It’s an understanding of the power of a self-sustaining community and the risks of breaking any one link in the chain. Without a factory, workers wind up unemployed or in service industry jobs for minimum wage. With less money to spend, they are more likely to purchase cheap, imported goods from large retail box stores. This leads to more orders going overseas, local businesses suffering, and fewer jobs. It’s a common reverse cycle with dire consequences.

This is why the Industrial Revolution 2.0 is something we believe in and maybe more importantly, something we feel a responsibility to help advance in our own community. To prove it, we built a campus right in the middle of downtown Columbus, Ohio—showing our loyalty to the city in which we started.

The Rogue mission really is pretty simple when it comes to principles, but it’s also not the “easy” way—otherwise, everyone would be doing it. What good thing ever came easy, though? One step in front of the other, we will take the mountain. See you on the other side.

Our mission at Rogue is a very simple one—and one from which we have never wavered.
Since day one, we have worked to source locally whenever possible. We believe that a healthy American ecosystem is absolutely dependent on the strength of U.S. Manufacturing.

By hiring skilled American workers at our manufacturing facility in Columbus, Ohio, we create economic growth within the local community.
Paying our employees a fair wage instills a sense of pride in their work and a sense of security in their lives.
With economic security, working men and women have the ability to purchase more goods within the wider ecosystem, helping other American businesses thrive.
To replenish their inventories as sales increase, local businesses send more orders back to Rogue and other U.S. factories, beginning the cycle anew.
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In 2015 we began work on a 600,000 square foot campus.

This building has consolidated our manufacturing, distribution and headquarters in the heart of Columbus, Ohio. We believe being in one building has made our team stronger – and that is an investment in our future. The Industrial Revolution 2.0 is happening and we are proud to be a part of it! We’re currently hiring — check out our Jobs Board if you would like to be on the Rogue Team.



Overview of Benefits
Healthcare Rogue offers competitive medical, dental and vision coverage options through Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield for Rogue team members and their eligible family members, including domestic partners. Financial Protection Life insurance, AD&D insurance, short-term disability, long-term disability and workers’ compensation are offered. Compensation We like to reward Rogue team members for their hard work and commitment to our company. Rogue has a competitive pay structure that offers team members room to grow. We conduct annual compensation reviews to ensure Rogue team members are receiving compensation commensurate with their performance. Bonus & Retirement Team members are eligible to earn a Performance Compensation Bonus each quarter. In addition, Rogue offers 401(k) with matching company contributions and Profit Sharing. Parental Leave Parental Leave is available to new Mothers and Fathers to help assist team members welcome a new child to their family. Rogue offers two weeks of paid leave to parents to enjoy with their newest addition to the family. This is available to all team members who have worked at Rogue for at least 1 year of continuous service. Vacations & Holidays Everyone needs some time off from work to take care of personal business, enjoy a well-earned vacation, or just unwind from the demands of everyday life. At Rogue, we offer Paid Time Off benefits in addition to paid company holidays. Work Attire Program Rogue Fitness recognizes the importance of helping all team members acquire the proper apparel and equipment to create a safe workplace. We provide Rogue apparel, uniforms, and personal protective equipment to all Rogue team members working in our facilities at no cost. Additional reimbursements are in place for work boots and prescription safety glasses. Rogue Team Member Perks Merchandise Discounts, Free Rogue Gym Membership, CrossFit Level 1 Certifications, Exclusive Access to Special Events, Professional Development Programs and more!