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Hafthor "The Mountain" Bjornsson

Rogue athlete Hafþór (Hafthor) Bjornsson is a three-time defending “Europe’s Strongest Man” and a six-time Top-3 finisher in World’s Strongest Man competition. The 6-foot-9 native of Reykjavik, Iceland, was a standout basketball player before a knee injury sent him on a new path at the age of 20. Under the wing of the legendary Magnus ver Magnusson, Bjornsson won a string of regional Strongman events in 2010, then began his current seven-year run as Iceland’s Strongest Man in 2011. He’s also been invited to compete in every Arnold Strongman Classic since 2012, with a career-best second place finish in 2017.

Hafþór’s profile has transcended his sport in recent years. In 2014, he began portraying “The Mountain” in a certain popular HBO show. And in 2015, he made headlines around the world by breaking a mythical, 1,000 year-old Strongman record—taking five strides while carrying a 32-foot long, 650 KG log during an event in Norway.

Career Highlights


Arnold Strongman Classic2nd


Arnold Strongman Classic5th


Arnold Strongman Classic7th
Europe‘s Strongest Man1st
World Strongest Viking1st


Arnold Strongman Classic5th
World's Strongest Man2nd
World Strongest Viking1st
Europe‘s Strongest Man1st


Arnold Strongman Classic8th
Europe‘s Strongest Man4th
World's Strongest Man3rd


Arnold Strongman Classic10th
Arnold Strongman Classic Europe6th
World's Strongest Man3rd
Europe‘s Strongest Man5th


Arnold Classic Amateur Strongman2nd
World's Strongest Man6th
Iceland‘s Strongest Man1st


Iceland‘s Strongest Man1st

Hafthor's Stats

Personal Stats
Nickname The Mountain
Age 29
Weight 386 lbs
Height 6'9"
From Reykjavík, Iceland