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Good: 5 Person Econ Package This basic 5-student equipment package includes (2) S-1 Squat Stands, a custom set of HG 2.0 Bumpers up to 1,000 LBS, (5) Rogue Economy Bars, 200LB worth of Rogue kettlebells, (2) sets of Rogue Gymnastic Rings, (2) Games Boxes, and much more.

Better: 5 Person Affiliate Package The Affiliate Package comes standard with five of our flagship Rogue Ohio Bars, along with two versatile S-1 Squat Stands, more than 1,000 LBS in HG 2.0 Bumpers, nearly 400 LBS in kettlebells, (5) sets of Wood Rings, (5) medicine balls, a Concept 2 Rower, and more.

Best: 5 Alpha Package 5 Person Affiliate: The ultimate, all-inclusive starter set for the serious high school or college training center. Comes standard with an I-10 Infinity Rig and (2) S-1 Squat Stands, plus (2) Ohio Bars, (2) Bella Bars, and (2) 15LB Technique Bars. Add in a custom set of HG 2.0 bumper plates up to 1,000 LBS, 200 LBS of kettlebells, (5) medballs AND (5) slam balls, (3) Rogue Abram GHD machines, (2) Concept 2 Rowers, and just about everything else a young athlete could ask for.