Glute/Ham Strap


Glute/Ham Strap

If you’d rather not pay the cost of a full-scale GHD machine, you can train the same muscle groups—arguably with an even more challenging, old school style of glute/ham raise—using Spud Inc.’s new Glute/Ham Strap.

This durable strap hooks under any bench or sturdy pad to let you do glute/ham raises almost anywhere, without the need of a spotter holding your feet. Combined with a band, the Glute/Ham Strap can also be used for slightly easier, assisted GH raises in a power rack or pull-up bar.

Whether you’re training for speed or strength, the simple but effective Spud Inc. Glute/Ham Strap targets the hamstrings and glutes without overtaxing the spine. It’s a proven, affordable way to get your posterior chain on track.

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  • Made in the USA
  • Designed for Glute/Ham Raises using a bench, pad, etc.

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Gear Specs

Brand Spud Inc
Made In USA Yes
Color Black