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GORUCK Ruck Plate Carrier

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GORUCK Ruck Plate Carrier

The GORUCK Ruck Plate Carrier™ (RPC) offers a brand new, streamlined alternative to the traditional weight vest, creating the same added weight challenge with less constriction of the chest. By housing the weight high and tight on the back, this design promotes natural stability and easier breathing, enabling athletes to train harder, longer.

The RPC is made from ultra-durable 1000D Cordura, and can be loaded with a 20LB or 30LB Ruck Plate (sold separately). There are three available strap length options to choose from:

  • Small - for athletes of smaller / slight frame
  • Standard - average build and/or those accustomed to the 20L Rucker
  • Large - larger athletes and/or those accustomed to the 25L Rucker

The size of the actual plate pocket is the same on all Ruck Plate Carriers, with the straps being the only difference.

Along with keeping the chest open, this carrier also eliminates zippers, extra straps, and odor-holding spacer mesh, keeping things clean and simple both functionally and aesthetically. The only thing “extra” is the padding in the straps and top, offering greater protection during dynamic movements like bear crawls and burpees. Quick adjustments can be made using the MOLLE on the sternum straps, meaning you can secure the RPC a bit tighter for burpees, and bit looser when running.

Gear Specs

Made In USA No
Color Black
Length 0.84LB
Width Plate Pocket: 9.75"
Height Plate Pocket: 11.75"
Material Type 1000D Cordura
Care Instructions Hang to Dry
Other Product Specs Sternum Strap Dimensions:
17" L (max) or 7.5" (min) x 3/4" W

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  • Ruck Plate Carrier
  • For use with 20 LB or 30 LB Ruck Plates
  • 1000D CORDURA construction
  • Weight: 0.84LB
  • Plate Pocket: Plate Pocket: 9.75" W x Plate Pocket: 11.75" H
  • 3 Strap Sizes to choose from
  • Sits high on athlete’s back; greater stability and comfort
  • Open chest for easier breathing
  • Hook-and-loop closure
  • Color: Black

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Ruck Plate Carrier Straps Sizing:

Size Small Standard Large
Strap Length 15.9” 16.8”
(Rucker Strap Length)
Strap Width 2.4” 2.8” 2.8”

Key Features of the GORUCK Plate Carrier

  • 1Breath Easier

    The GORUCK Plate Carrier directly addresses the problem that chest restriction can cause with some standard weight vests, as the design moves the plate pocket to the upper back, freeing up the chest for easier breathing. The streamlined RPC also offers functional simplicity (no zippers, extra straps, extra MOLLE, etc.) and easy cleaning—just spray down and hang to dry.

  • 2Ruck Plate Compatibility

    The RPC is designed to hold 20LB or 30LB Ruck Plate, secured high and tight on the back with a lockdown hook-and-loop closure. These plates, sold separately, are precision-manufactured in the USA from quality, ductile iron ore, with convenient grab-and-go handles and a matte black powdercoat finish.
    Please Note: The GORUCK Plate Carrier may not be compatible with other types of vest plates.

  • 3Comfort and Fit

    While the plate pocket itself is the same size in each version, GORUCK offers three strap sizes with the RPC to suit any athlete. The carrier is made from a highly durable 1000D Cordura, and includes extra padding in the shoulder straps to carry heavier loads more comfortably. There’s tons of padding at the top, as well, to protect during dynamic movements. Finally, the included Adjustable Sternum Strap ensures the RPC is secure without constricting breath or movement. It’s adjustable via the MOLLE on the straps, so athletes can tighten or loosen the carrier depending on the workout.