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Little BattleStar™ 2.0

1 Review

Little BattleStar™ 2.0

1 Review

Gear Specs

Made In USANo
Length14” (35.5CM)
Diameter1.97” (50MM)
Product Description

A perfect companion to the standard Big BattleStar™ roller, this small spindle is half the diameter (50mm), allowing for more acute pressure—like a barbell with better grip and adhesion.

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TRS Little BattleStar 2.0

A perfect companion to the standard Big BattleStar™ roller, this small spindle is half the diameter (50mm), allowing for more acute pressure—like a barbell with better grip and adhesion.

The Little BattleStar™ was developed by TRS founder and doctor of physical therapy, Kelly Starrett. His goal, as with the Big BattleStar, was to improve on the standard tube-shaped foam roller by designing a tool that could create a lot more shear in the joint tissues. With Version 2.0, this functionality has been improved with a new elastomeric coating optimized for gripping the skin and allowing maximum “tack.” The Little BattleStar is made from the same proprietary material as the TRS Gemini™ and SuperNova™, and its texture provides an optimal 40:60 ratio of raised contact to negative space. The roller’s surface is also now more hygienic and easier to clean and disinfect.

You can use the Little BattleStar 2.0 independently on the ground as a basic roller; add a set of X-Wing Handles for more aggressive, detailed work; or use the BattleStar Cradle to elevate and hold the roller in position—giving you better leverage for targeted work on the hips and larger muscle groups.

As Dr. Starrett puts it, “If a steam roller, wolverine, and a chainsaw got together and had a baby, the BattleStar™ would be born.”

*You can also order a complete or partial BattleStar Kit, which can include the Little BattleStar, Big BattleStar, X-Wing Handles, BattleStar Cradle, and the BattleSaw roller.

Gear Specs


  • Developed by Dr. Kelly Starrett
  • NEW Elastomeric coating for improved grip and maximum “tack”
  • NEW Texture and TPE tread for optimal 40:60 ratio of raised contact vs. negative space
  • Hygienic surface for easily cleaning, disinfecting
  • Length: 14” (35.5CM)
  • Diameter: 1.97” (50MM) - Designed for more acute pressure
  • Compatible with MobilityWOD's BattleStar Cradle and X-Wing Handles (Sold Separately)

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Alex I
London, UK
May 2020
You need something Little for best results
I purchased the Little Battlestar 2.0* with the Cradle** and Battle Saw*** *from here on; LBS **from here on; CRD ***from here on; BS Please go check out my review for the CRD as I believe this an essential purchase for the LBS. In the land of MobilityWOD and self massage/body repair/mobilization that bigger is better, that bigger might in fact be more devastating. But really, the Big Battlestar (BBS) is great for covering wider areas, defined as a more "Global" tool. The LBS however is your "local" friendly neigbourhood spider-man, I mean massage tool. For spots that can't isolate well with the BBS, the LBS has a much easier time of not only helping you find them, but also allowing you isolate and apply much more pressure. Why is this though? It all comes down to surface area and pressure! A BBS covers a wider surface area and spreads pressure more evenly. A LBS covers a smaller surface area and focuses the same pressure. This means you can use the same amount of force/body weight for higher precision mobiilizations and self massage than ever before. Now, I'd recommend you read my CRD to review to understand why it's recommended you use them together.
Yes, I recommend this product
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