Monster Lite Single Post Storage Shelf

30" Monster Lite Single Post Shelf
43" Monster Lite Single Post Shelf
30" Monster Lite Single Post Shelf (with stainless dividers)
43" Monster Lite Single Post Shelf (with stainless dividers)
30" Monster Lite Kettlebell Shelf
43" Monster Lite Kettlebell Shelf

Monster Lite Single Post Storage Shelves

The M-Lite version of our Single Post Storage Shelves are designed exclusively for mounting to the uprights of an existing Rogue Monster Lite rack or rig. Made from quality US steel, they’re available in two length options (30" and 43") and three types of configurations, depending on the equipment you want to store (a common setup would involve mounting the 43” standard bumper shelf across the back two uprights of an RML-6). All shelves are sold individually, although you can select multiples of any style from the purchase area to save on shipping costs.

Shelf Length Options:

  • 30" - Fits between a front and back upright in a 30” depth Monster Lite Rack.
  • 43" - Fits between 43" spaced uprights of any Monster Lite Power Rack or HR-2 Half Rack. This size shelf can also be used in any of the 43" sections of a Monster Lite Rig.

  • Shelf Configuration Options:

  • Standard Bumper/Medball Shelf - Items are stored atop/between two steel rails to keep them stabilized. Weight: 21LB (30") or 28LB (43")
  • Kettlebell Shelf - Includes the same underlying design as the Standard Bumper/Medball Shelf, but with an additional formed metal tray that drops on top of the two rails, creating a flat surface for kettlebell storage. Weight: 38LB (30") or 53LB (43")
  • Bumper/Medball Shelf + Adjustable Dividers - Features a different type of crossmember with slotted holes (spaced 2” on center) and a set of (5) ½” stainless steel dividers, which can be used to keep plates organized, upright, and unscuffed. Weight: 25LB (30”) or 31LB (43”). PLEASE NOTE: This shelf is NOT compatible with the metal tray from the Kettlebell Shelf option.

  • All variations of the Monster Lite Single Post Shelves are made in the USA and include 2x2", 0.125” thick steel rails + 0.25" thick laser-cut steel endplates and an MG Black powdercoat finish. We’ve also created special formed tabs that are bent out from the endplate to help prevent the shelf from spinning. You can easily mount the shelves using a single 5/8" x 4.25" bolt assembly on each side (this hardware is included standard, but a set of 15/16” wrenches or sockets will also be required for installation). Once set up, the shelves will have an overall depth of either 14.59" (Standard Bumper and KB version) or 12.25” (Divider version).

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    • Made in the USA
    • Patented Design
    • For use ONLY with Rogue Monster LITE Series rigs/racks
    • 30" / 43" length options
    • Laser-cut 1/8" Steel Rails
    • Laser-cut 1/4” thick Steel Endplates
    • MG Black Powdercoat Finish
    • Overall Shelf Depth: 14.59" (Standard Bumper and KB version) or 12.25” (Divider version)
    • All 5/8” Mounting Hardware included

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    Gear Specs

    Brand Rogue Fitness
    Made In USA Yes
    Color Black
    Length 30" / 43"
    Width 12.25" (divider shelf) / 14.59" (standard shelf) - Overall depth
    Steel Notes Laser-cut 1/8" & 1/4” thick Steel