Monster Pull-up Spheres

Monster 3" Pull-up Sphere Pair
Monster 5" Pull-up Sphere Pair

Monster Pull-up Spheres

Rogue's Monster Pull-Up Spheres are dynamic grip strength tools designed exclusively for use with our Monster Series Rigs and Racks. A new version of an accessory popularized by gymnasts, martial artists, and rock climbers for training and sustaining better hand strength, Monster Spheres are made from powder-coated 9-gauge steel and can be mounted to any 3" depth tube with 1" holes—specifically the XM-43 and XM-70 Monster crossmembers.

Monster Pull-Up Spheres are sold in sets of two, and are available in your choice of either a 3" / 5" diameter (beginners will want to start with the 3" option, as the 5" size poses a substantially greater challenge). Fully customizable, you can add just a single pair of Spheres to create a unique pull-up station or line-up a whole series to make your own obstacle course out of a Monster Rig.

Important: Monster Pull-Up Spheres are compatible ONLY with Rogue Monster Series Rigs and Racks. If you want to add Pull-Up Spheres to an Infinity or Monster Lite unit, see the options below.


  • Made in America
  • Diameter options: 3" / 5"
  • Sold in Pairs
  • 9-gauge Steel Construction with Black Powdercoat
  • Compatible with standard RM-3, RM-4, RM-6 Power Racks and Monster Rigs with XM-70 Beam or 43" Monster crossmembers
  • Thread optimized for 1" diameter holes, 3" depth of a crossmember/upright
  • For safety reasons, any rack should be securely fastened to the ground before using Pull-Up Spheres

Gear Specs

Brand Rogue Fitness
Made In USA Yes
Color Black
Diameter 3" / 5"
Steel Notes 9-gauge Steel Construction
Monster Compatible Yes