Nuun Electrolytes - Tri-Berry


Nuun Electrolytes - 8 Pack

From the original innovator of the sugar-free electrolyte tablet, Nuun’s Tri-Berry flavor is available here in a convenient 10-tablet tube, with each serving producing one 16 ounce sports drink. The clean, great tasting hydration from Nuun Electrolytes can give you a needed lift pre or post workout, while also helping to reduce cramping, improve muscle function, and burn energy more efficiently.

Gluten free and vegan friendly, each Nuun tablet is packed with a signature blend of optimal electrolytes + B vitamins and caffeine from green tea extract.

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  • 10-tablet tube
  • Each tab self-dissolves in water to create 16 ounce energy drink
  • Includes Electrolytes, B Vitamins, and Green Tea Extract Caffeine for hydration, fuel, and sustained energy
  • Active Ingredients: sodium (bicarbonate + carbonate), potassium (bicarbonate), magnesium (sulfate), calcium (carbonate), vitamin c (as ascorbic acid)

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Gear Specs

Brand Nuun
Made In USA Yes
Other Product Specs Contains 80 servings - 10 tablets per tube