Olympic Weightlifting Strength Manua

Olympic Weightlifting Strength Manual


Olympic Weightlifting Strength Manual

The Olympic Lifting Strength Manual is the latest training guide from legendary powerlifter, strength coach, and Westside Barbell founder Louie Simmons. Focused on the snatch and clean and jerk, Louie’s in-depth instruction brings together 50 years of experience—combining Westside’s own unique exercises with a long-range development plan first popularized in Russia’s famous Dynamo Sports Club.

Simmons meticulously lays out the methods behind early technique refinement, the process of specialization to high performance, and above all else, the value of top strength, no matter which weight class you’re starting in.

As Louie sees it, some trainers focus most of their discussion on technique “to camouflage the fact that they don’t know how to make a person super strong.” The Olympic Lifting Strength Manual changes the conversation, shining a light on special strengths that can help raise individual lifts and set new PRs.


  • Author: Louie Simmons
  • Publisher: Westside Barbell, 2016
  • Paperback, 353 pages

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Gear Specs

Brand Westside Barbell
ISBN-13 9780982150498
Publication Date May 1, 2016
Pages 353
Cover Type Paperback
Made In USA Yes