Rehband 7782 Knee Support with Center Hole

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Rehband 7782 Knee Support with Center Hole

An athlete’s knees are critical to consistent performance but vulnerable to serious damage from overuse. Rehband’s quality three-dimensional 7782 Knee Support helps offer a next level of reliable protection—effective even for athletes battling hyper-mobility, jumper’s knee, or Osgood-Schlatter disease. The 7782 Knee Support is constructed from a durable SBR/Neoprene blend with spiral splints that stabilize the kneecap and joint. The center hole gives up nothing in support while reducing the pressure load on the kneecap itself.

Please Note: The Rehband 7782 Knee Support with Center Hole is sold individually, not as a pair.

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Use the sizing chart below to choose the support best suited to your leg.

Fit Guide:

Upper Calf Circumference 33 - 35cm 35 - 37cm 37 - 40cm 40 - 43cm 43 - 46cm

How to Size: Measure circumference of leg 10cm below the knee cap

Gear Specs

Brand Rehband
Thickness 5mm
Material Type SBR/Neoprene