Rogue Echo Crossmembers

Rogue Echo Crossmembers

XE-70P Echo 70" Parallel Crossmember
*Hardware Not Included
XE-43P Echo 43" Parallel Crossmember
*Hardware Not Included
XE- 433 Echo 43" Fat/Skinny Pull-up Bar
XE- 431 Echo 43" Single Skinny Pull-up Bar
XE-43 Echo 43" Crossmember with Holes Single
*Hardware Not Included
XE-43 Echo 43" Crossmember with Holes Pair
XE-24 Echo 24" Crossmember with Holes Pair
4-Pack 1/2" x 3.5" Echo Bolt Assembly

Rogue Echo Crossmembers

The easiest way to add a new dimension to any Echo Series rig, rack, or wallmount system. These 2x2” crossmembers can be used to improve the overall stability of a unit, create fully customizable pull-up stations, or even add a shelf to a Rogue Mass Storage System.

All Echo Crossmembers are manufactured in the USA with US steel or US & CAN steel and designed specifically for mounting to 2x2” uprights with 1/2” holes. No matter how much space you have to work with or what your training and grip preferences are, there is an Echo crossmember or pull-up bar that should meet your needs.

Options Include:

  • XE-70P Echo 70” Parallel Crossmember (70” double-bar, each with an outside diameter of 1.25”)
  • XE-433 Echo 43” Fat/Skinny Pull-Up Bar (2” OD bar + 1.25” OD bar)
  • XE-43P Echo 43” Parallel Crossmember (double bar, each with an OD of 1.25”)
  • XE-431 Echo 43” Single Skinny Pull-Up Bar (1.25” OD)
  • XE-43 Echo 43” Crossmember with Holes - Single
  • XE-43 Echo 43” Crossmember with Holes - Pair
  • XE-24 Echo 24” Crossmember with Holes - Pair

Hardware Not Included with any of the products above.

Please Note: Echo Crossmembers are compatible only with Echo rigs, racks, and wallmounts, and the Mass Storage System. For more options, see below:

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Gear Specs

Brand Rogue Fitness
Made In USA Yes
Color Black
Echo Compatible Yes