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Rogue Monster Slinger™

Rogue Monster Slinger™
Monster Plate Load Slinger Attachment

Availability: Ships in 14-30 Days

Plate Load Attachment only. Slinger not included.
Rogue Grip Strap and Carabiner - Single Set

Availability: Ships in 14-30 Days

Includes (1) Nylon Strap, (1) Carabiner

Rogue Monster Slinger™

Now available with your choice of either band-loaded or plate-loaded resistance, the new Rogue Monster Slinger™ is a rack-mounted cable-pulley system designed to deliver the same training benefits of a traditional Lat Pulldown Machine with better space and cost efficiency. This attachment is compatible exclusively with our Monster Series Power Racks or the racked version of the Monster Rig 2.0, and comes with adjustable components for set-up on a 90”, 100”, or 108” unit. Every customer also has the option of adding a compatible Rogue Tricep Strap, Pioneer Leather Tricep Strap, and/or a Rogue Stainless Steel Lat Bar Attachment to their order at an extra cost.

Warning: Any Rack or Rig utilizing the Slinger attachment must be securely fastened to the floor for use.

The Monster Slinger Base Unit includes:

  • (2) Slinger Mounting Plates
  • (2) 6" Cable Pulleys
  • (1) 1/4" MIL Spec Cable with Rogue made hardware
  • (1) Slinger Extension Strap - for 100” and 108” units
  • (1) Slinger Band Sheath - 1000D Cordura
  • (2) Carabiners
  • (2) Black Zinc 1" Monster Bolt Assemblies
  • (2) Rubber Grommets for protecting the cable
  • (1) Monster Attachment Post*

Optional Grip Strap & Carabiner Pair

For customers planning to install the Slinger on a 108” tall rack, this add-on package can help compensate for the cable usage difference, allowing shorter athletes to have a freer range of motion and a more effective workout. The strap itself is 12” long x 1.5” wide.

For gym owners with a 3x3" Monster Lite Series rack/rig, see the Monster Lite Slinger.

Additional Specifications

  • Patent Pending Design
  • Pull Ratio: 1:1
  • Rack-Mounted Cable Pulley / Lat Pulldown System
  • Compatible ONLY with Rogue Monster Rack 2.0 and racked Monster Rig 2.0 units
  • Extends 7” out from and above upright to which it is mounted
  • User Assembly Required

Orders are packaged and shipped from Rogue HQ in Columbus, OH. You can follow its progress from our factory floor to your door using the Rogue Shipping Tracker.

*The Monster Attachment Post is excluded when customers opt for a plate-loaded resistance option. On band-loaded Slingers, the 1” diameter post is affixed to the rack via a Monster Knurled Knob. A machined hole is included for carabiner attachment, and acetal inserts protect the Black Zinc finish.

Once installed, the front of the Slinger will extend approximately 7" out from the face of the upright it is mounted above, and approximately 7" above the top of that same upright.

Gear Specs

Brand Rogue Fitness
Made In USA Yes
Color Black
Length 22.4" Total Length / Extends 7" beyond face of mounting upright
Height 9.75" Total Height / Extends 7" above top of upright
Other Product Specs MIL Spec 1/4" Steel Cable, Mounting Holes 8" on center
Steel Notes 1/4" Thick Steel Pulley Mount Plates
Monster Compatible Yes

Resistance Option 1: Plate Load Kit

Available as an optional add-on for a new Slinger or a la carte to convert an existing Slinger from band resistance to plate resistance. Works with standard bumpers or steel plates. Package includes:

  • Loading Pin: 1.9" diameter, 11.5" loadable space. Weight unloaded = 7.5lbs. Texture Black Powdercoat finish.
  • Plate Load Base: Supports the loading pin when adding plates and connects to customers upright via a 1” detent pin. Made from 3/16" laser-cut and formed steel. Texture Black Powdecoat finish.
  • Stroops Lightweight Sheathed Resistance Band: Prevents the loading pin from swaying around while in use. It gets clipped into the bottom of the loading pin from the shackle that is connected to the bottom crossmember. Color: Black
  • Specially Designed Slinger Shackle: Replaces the standard Monster Attachment Post of the base unit (if ordering a new Slinger with the Plate Load option, the Monster Attachment Post from the base unit package will NOT be included)

Resistance Option 2: Band Kit

Comes with an assortment of resistance bands that connect to the Monster Attachment Post for tricep work and gradual adjustments on lat pulldown movements. Includes:

  • (2) #0 Orange Monster Bands (15 LB resistance)*
  • (1) #1 Red Monster Band (30 LB)*
  • (1) #2 Blue Monster Band (50 LB)*
  • (1) #3 Green Monster Band (65 LB)*

*Due to the 41” length of our Monster Bands, we suggest doubling up each band, i.e., feeding the band through the bottom carabiner (attached to the extension strap) until it is centered, then connecting both ends of the band to the top carabiner (attached to the cable). This will greatly increase the resistance beyond the bands’ standard LB increments.

Customers interested in lighter weights can also explore our full line-up of Monster Bands, available a la carte.
Important: All resistance bands are wear and tear items and should be inspected prior to each and every use. We always recommend that the provided Slinger Band Sheath be used in conjunction with resistance bands on the Monster Slinger.

Key Features of the Rogue Monster Slinger

  • 1Resistance Band AND Plate Load Options

    The latest version of the Monster Slinger now gives customers the choice of using the attachment with resistance bands (available as a 5 Monster Band Kit or a la carte) or plate-loaded resistance--with a mounted 1.9” diameter loading pin that works with standard bumpers or steel plates. Gym owners who currently have a Slinger with band resistance and wish to change to plates can also order the Plate Load Kit on its own.

  • 2Mounting Plates

    The Monster Slinger can be installed ONLY on Rogue Monster 2.0 racks and the racked version of the Monster 2.0 rig. This can be done using the included pair of laser-cut and formed, ¼” thick steel Slinger Mounting Plates, which feature a quality MG Black finish and Rogue branding.

  • 3Cable & Hardware

    To get the same consistent feel of a freestanding lat pulldown machine, we have equipped the Monster Slinger with a ¼” MIL spec cable, with two durable 6” pulleys and Rogue-made hardware. A pair of 1” Monster Bolt Assemblies are also included standard, along with two steel carabiners: one for connecting the cable to the band or loading pin and one to connect attachments to the cable.

  • 4Extension Strap

    Made from 1.5” wide nylon webbing, our exclusive Slinger Extension Strap is essential for connecting to 100" or 108" tall racks or rigs, but can also be used to adjust the starting tension, regardless of rack height.

  • 5Rubber Grommets

    A set of rubber grommets are included to install on the crossmember that the cable runs through. This will help prevent the cable from coming into contact with the edges of the laser-cut holes on the crossmember.

  • 6Get a Grip

    In the dropdown menu, customers can choose to add a nylon Rogue Tricep Strap, a Pioneer Leather Tricep Strap, or no strap at all, if you already have a preferred pulldown option. There’s also the option of adding a Rogue Stainless Steel Lat Bar Attachment, a fully knurled bar that’s 48” long and 1.125” in diameter, with laser-cut Rogue branding and a Black Zinc/Bright Zinc finish. For customers planning to install the Slinger on a 108” tall rack, an additional 12” Grip Strap + Carabiner package can compensate for the cable usage difference, allowing shorter athletes to have a freer range of motion and a more effective workout.

Rogue Monster Slinger™ is rated 3.7 out of 5 by 9.
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Very Stable Pulley system I purchased this as soon as it came out, my 2 cents follow. The banded resistance feels great, especially if you want to feel more of the small back muscles working in pulldown/rowing movements. You are not limited to only using bands for resistance, what I have been doing for adding static weight is using chains on the hanging key and it works great, you just add enough chains to the pull and row away. I believe you could use a loading pin the same way and load as much weight as you wanted, the only issue with this is that the pin would be floating in the air (since that is where the cable reaches, about mid rack or so). For this reason I prefer using chains to load weight. I just wish it had a low pulley option or an adjustable one, that would be my 5 stars.
Date published: 2019-03-25
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Could Be So Much More Let me start by saying that if you're getting a Slinger, this is the best currently available option to go with (weight stack has not been released). It allows for consistent tension unlike the band version and the unit is easy to set up, use, and take down. My main issue with this is the Monster designation. We've come to know that Monster attachments are better built/refined compared to the other lines Rogue offers, however this is not the case with this unit. There is no UHMW coating where the loading base attaches to the rack. There is also no UHMW from where the loading pin contacts the base, so expect to get some clanging/banging/scratching while using this. The shackle this comes with is your basic bolt on shackle, where as the band kit version comes with a Monster attachment one which is much nicer. I also find that this doesn't work well for 90" racks. The sheathed resistance band is also way too loose at the bottom of the movement offering little to no resistance, there are work arounds for this, but it's inconsistent at best and should come with a shorter band for the shorter racks instead of a 1 size fits all. Overall it's the best attachment for the Slinger, but it falls short on the quality we expect from a Monster line offering.
Date published: 2020-01-09
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Potential Is There Picked this up as a way to do some cable work for my set up. Previously had the RML and Spud Inc Pulley system and thought this would be a higher end option. The band tension on here is ok. I've found it not to be the most consistent depending on your own height and position (standing, bent over, kneeling), so it can be tricky to find the right amount of bands to use with each movement. I also have the issue where I have a RM-4 with safety straps, so when I use the Slinger, the sheath rubs against my straps. I've fixed this by turning the bottom carabiner attachment to mount horizontally vs vertically, but it's still not an ideal situation. Putting the cable away when not in use is also a bit of a mess as there's no where to really put it. I end up just throwing it over the back of my rack and tucking in the strap to the bottom part of the slinger unit. I suppose if you had a 6 post rack and left this installed full time, it might be easier. Speaking of the strap, I opted for the Pioneer one (big fan of their belts). The hand holes could be larger IMO and the added liner inside is nice, but is sewn in kind of far so there's some play in it folding over. Overall I'd say this unit is ok, needs some improvement to be more consistent to justify the price tag. I might suggest waiting on the plate loaded version or for this design to be refined some.
Date published: 2019-07-12
Rated 1 out of 5 by from Cable too short for 9' Monster When I saw this I saw the potential. But when I bolted it to my rig its been pretty disappointing. The cable is just maybe 6-12 inches too short for the 9 foot Monster Rig. You cant lock out or change your angle. Now its just sad I it here starting at it thinking of the potential. I even bought some bottom crossmembers to utilize the bands better but it didnt help. Unfortunately there are no options for getting a longer cable at this time.
Date published: 2020-01-07
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Works great after re-configuring A couple of issues with this device resulted in some buyers remorse. The monster safety strap interferes with the bands. Monster safety straps are captive and can't be removed easily but the straps can be bungeed together with an exercise band so this is not as big a deal as it seemed at first. The bigger issue was entirely my fault. I ordered this device to replace the plate-loaded pulley on my old rack. After using the bands a couple of times I discovered that I hate band-loading on an overhead pulley. Weight loading is so much better for my purposes that I never want to use band resistance again. I watched a Youtube review of the device by Brandon Campbell and one of the comments suggested moving the slinger to the crossmember to allow plate loading. This is what I did, moving the slinger 2" farther inboard to allow that much more clearance for a large plate. I bought a 18" Spud strap loading pin and together with the Rogue extension strap it has exactly the right length on my 90" rack. I put a 45# bumper on the bottom of the loading strap and smaller 25# plates and change on top of that so there is no way this thing will chip the rack upright even if it did hit it, which it hasn't so far. There is no problem with the outside pulley even with only 5" of overhang instead of 7". There is plenty of clearance. I'm very happy with this device in its present configuration. I did get bands, a band sheath and a Monster attachment post that I have no use for but other than that I am pleased with this addition to my home gym.
Date published: 2019-07-05
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Very capable, for what it is I upgraded to the slinger from the spud inc model, that I had hung off the side of an infinity rack via a shrimp trawler, when I upgraded to a RM4. (I didn't love the free swinging plates in that config) The slinger is everything it appears to be. It's a band resistance pull down attachment, and nothing more/less. It's good for things like tricep extensions and pull downs. You'll have to find the right height and positioning to get the specific resistance you're looking for, but that's kind of to be expected. I use a combo of standing, kneeling sitting on a bench and sitting on a med ball, to get the right positioning/resistance in my home gym. Be clear, this isn't an exact replacement for the high end, dedicated cable/pull down machines in a commercial gym, but it's a GREAT spacing saving option to add this capability for home gyms. Some of the other reviews seem bothered by the fact that the bands are in the path of the spotters. This is pretty clear in the picture. I just pop out my flip down safety, in 15 seconds, and I'm good to go. For anyone looking for this type of capability, it's definitely worth the money. I'm curious to see the promised weight stack capability for the slinger. I anticipate it will resolve some of the complaints, although at an additional cost
Date published: 2019-08-23
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Better than expected I purchased the Monster slinger With the plate loaded attachment (*The weight stack was not available at time of purchase/this review, which I will be ordering when available)... The slinger itself is heavy duty - smooth movement. I use the six shooter Rogue 25lb plates on the weight pin (can get up to 225lb on there), and I did not attach the band to help prevent swaying as I find it's really not necessary by using that size of plates (if you're using bumpers/calibrated plates, you will for sure want to install the resistance band as they will hit your rack). My only 2 complaints.. A) The plate loaded attachment doesn't have protective plastic to prevent rack from scratching.. B) There is no leg/lat pulldown attachment with pads to keep your body in place on heavier lat pulldown sets...
Date published: 2020-02-13
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Quality product! Works great Great addition, bought a cable extension and a pulley to do mid rows. Very versatile product.
Date published: 2019-11-16
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