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SKLZ Recoil 360


SKLZ Recoil 360

The SKLZ Recoil 360 is an all-sport, all-purpose resistance trainer that can be used with or without a partner. By adding an element of resistance (or assistance) to virtually any drill, this simple portable belt-and-cable system allows athletes to go through a full range of natural movements while developing greater power, quickness, and explosiveness.

The Recoil 360’s sheathed cable stretches from 8 to 22 feet with resistance that increases from 15 to 50 LBS. The complete system includes a durable, adjustable belt (machine washable) and partner safety strap.

Setting Up Your Recoil 360

1. Fasten the Recoil 360º belt around your waist. Tighten by looping the adjustable belt through the square rings and firmly pressing the hook and loop fastener together. The belt should lay flat for the free-motion ring to operate smoothly. NOTE: The Recoil 360º belt should fit snugly around the waist without restricting movement.

2. Attach one or both ends of the bungee by clipping the attached metal carabiner to the free-motion ring on the Recoil 360º belt.

3. Anchor the other end of the bungee by clipping the attached metal carabiner to a stationary point. A stationary point is any structure that is completely stable. Anchor point should be at the same level as your waist or lower.

Optional Partner Set-Up

Attach the other end of the bungee by clipping the attached metal carabiner to the partner safety handle. Partner should securely wrap the safety strap around his/her wrist. NOTE: Partner should start in a base stance with feet staggered and both hands holding the strap so there is no slack, but no stretch.

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Additional Specifications:

  • Resistance/Assistance cable system developed by SKLZ
  • Maximize vertical jump, power, speed
  • Free-floating ring for flexible, multi-directional use during any drill
  • Can be used solo or with partner
  • Includes adjustable belt, 8 ft. bungee (stretches to 22 ft.), and partner safety strap
  • Resistance: 15 LB to 50 LB
  • Color: Black

Gear Specs

Brand SKLZ
Made In USA No
Color Black
Length 8' to 22' cable length
Other Product Specs Resistance: 15LB to 50LB