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SlackBlock is a small, simple, but uniquely effective balance trainer that’s associated with the SlackBow training method. This patent-pending device is designed to emphasize one-foot balance training, an essential in all types of athletic balance. Few sports are played, after all, with weight equally distributed on both feet in a static position.

Training on the SlackBlock in sessions of just a few minutes, several times a week, can produce great benefits not just in sports applications and injury prevention, but in everyday life, as well, counteracting some of the negative effects caused by a sedentary lifestyle (couch sitting, office work, computer/smartphone use, etc). Better balance can improve a person’s cognitive function and focus just as it can help with precision, explosiveness, and agility on the field.

Customers can order their SlackBlock in one of three different sizes:

  • 13" SlackBlock: for people weighing 190 LBS or less
  • 14" SlackBlock: 190-230 LBS
  • 15” SlackBlock: 230-300 LBS

For safety and optimal results, the makers of SlackBlock recommend that all customers watch the instructional video provided with their order before using the block.

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Gear Specs

Brand SlackBow
Made In USA Yes
Length 13", 14", or 15"