Spikeball Combo Meal Kit


Spikeball Combo Meal Kit

Spikeball is one of the fastest growing, fully portable outdoor games in the country—taking the best elements of 2-on-2 volleyball and condensing it into a new, fast-paced, boundary-line-free sport.

The Spikeball “Combo Meal” Kit includes everything you need to get started, including the official Spikeball net (with ring and four stands), three Spikeball balls, and a custom game backpack.

The rules of Spikeball, or Roundnet, are borrowed from volleyball, with some twists akin to a full grown adult version of four-square. The game is 2-on-2, but players can move freely around the perimeter of the net, so long as they don’t impede the play of their opponents. Like traditional volleyball, teammates can only use two bumps/passes of the ball before spiking it back off the net, changing possession to the other team. The speed and quick reactions required to keep the ball moving create a perfect, high-energy sport for the beach, park, playground, etc.


  • Full starter kit for playing Spikeball / Roundnet
  • (1) Spikeball net with ring and stands
  • (3) Spikeballs
  • (1) Game Backpack for quickly packing up and transporting your kit

Gear Specs

Brand Spikeball
Made In USA No
Color Black / Yellow