Spud Inc. Zercher Straps


Spud Inc. Zercher Straps

Spud Inc’s Zercher Straps have a wide range of applications, including use with a barbell from the floor, off a rack, or even connected to a belt squat machine. The straps are designed with a thick tapered padding that fits snuggly into the arms without shredding up the forearms or biceps as you train.

Any athlete that includes Zercher squats in their regimen can experience greater comfort and add more reps without losing any of the benefits of the exercise. The straps are easy to put on and take off, and they won’t leave pain and skin damage in their wake. They’re also fully adjustable to just about any height.


  • Zercher Squat Straps
  • Padding to protect forearms and biceps
  • Height: Adjustable
  • Color: Black

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Gear Specs

Brand Spud Inc
Made In USA Yes
Color Black
Height Adjustable
Other Product Specs Padding to protect forearms and biceps