Grid 2.0 - Orange


The Grid 2.0

The Grid 2.0 by TriggerPoint is a hollow-core foam roller with a new expanded size (26” length, 5.5” diameter) for greater coverage. Unlike traditional foam rollers, the Grid’s patented multi-density, channeled surface more accurately re-creates the feel of a massage therapist’s hands. The "high-and-firm" zones substitute for the precision of the finger tips; tubular channels grip like the fingers; and the "low-and-flat" zones press in like a masseuse’s palms. These targeted features help promote better blood and oxygen, improve overall mobility, and offer relief for common muscle pain and tightness.

Each Grid 2.0 features a hard, hollow core hand-wrapped in EVA foam, making it firmer than most comparable rollers. In regular use, the Grid can be beneficial for beginners in mobility/recovery training just as well as experienced foam roller users, helping to treat knots and kinks in the calves, quads, hamstrings, glutes, back, pecs, thoracic spine, and more.

Available here in orange. Also comes in black (see order menu to select your preference).


  • Pre or Post-Workout Mobility Tool / Foam Roller
  • Dimensions: 26” long x 5.5” diameter
  • Hard Hollow Core wrapped in EPA Foam - Firm Compression for tight muscles, knots, kinks
  • Proprietary Distrodensity Zones replicate the feeling of a massage therapist’s hands
  • Color: Orange

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Gear Specs

Brand Trigger Point
Made In USA No
Color Orange
Length 26"
Diameter 5"