WOD Toys Kettle Kid

WOD Toys ® Kettle Kid


WOD Toys ® Kettle Kid

A great companion to the Barbell Mini, the Kettle Kid looks and functions like a real kettlebell, only with a lightweight rubber and plastic construction, weighing just 0.5 LBS. While it's important to note that the Kettle Kid is intended for use as a toy and not as a development training tool, it's still a great way to generate a child's interest in kettlebell training and to introduce basic concepts like swings, presses, etc. Ages: 3+

About WOD Toys ® :

Since 2011, WOD Toys ® has been developing its unique line of products in Marysville, Washington, giving youngsters a chance to play along with mom and dad by having their own lightweight, safe versions of traditional cross-training equipment. Each toy is designed by fitness enthusiasts with children of their own, and is then put through an in-depth quality assurance process to guarantee its safety.

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  • Toy Kettlebell for Ages 3+
  • Weight : 0.5 LBS
  • Durable Plastic Construction
  • Color: Red with Blue handle

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Gear Specs

Brand WOD Toys ®
Made In USA No
Color Red
Product Weight 0.5LB
Width 4"
Other Product Specs For 3+ years of age