XT Brace - Ankle


XT Brace - Ankle

Based on a design first developed by U.S. Intelligence Officers serving in difficult conditions in Southeast Asia, the XT Brace for ankles can be worn while you train or just while you go about your day—helping reduce joint and muscle soreness and provide relief for nerve sensations and "tingling" feelings in the foot. One brace can serve athletes of virtually any size—from XS female up to XXL men’s—and you can alternate from wearing it on the left or right ankle.

The Knee and Elbow XT Brace is manufactured from a flexible blend of neoprene, nylon, and polyester, with a firm, adjustable hook-and-loop closure and orange stitch ridges for extra support. All braces come with a reusable, butterfly-design gel pack, which can be either heated or chilled, then positioned securely around the ankle. Whether you put the gel pack in the microwave or the freezer, its unique design allows it to bend and adapt comfortably to your natural movements all while retaining both heat and cold considerably longer than many other packs on the market.

The XT Brace can also be worn without the gel pack to serve as a basic compression ankle support.


  • Made from Neoprene-Polyester-Nylon blend
  • Includes all-in-one, reusable ice / heat Gel Pack that can be used in a microwave, hot water, freezer or ice box
  • Compression support
  • One-size fits most
  • Color: Black

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Gear Specs

Brand XT Brace
Color Black
Other Product Specs One Size Fits Most